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we rely on knowledge. we respect talent. we put right people in the right role. we embrace diversification.
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shanghai huide science and technology co., ltd. runs its business in a world full of competition. the company relies on its employees to progress, and only in the fierce competition can each employee find his position and exert all his abilities to support such progress. this concept of competition does not allow the employees to work in the slightest neglect, stagnation and inefficiency. the key to success or failure lies in people.

a qualified huide people should have the following criteria: 

good conduct

superior ability,

proper coordination

work with innovation.


talent strategy

from the day huide was established, the leadership team had realized the importance of knowledge and talents to the future of the business. the policy of "relying on knowledge, respecting talents, putting right people in the right roles and embracing diversification" was determined, and the talent project with the core idea of "cultivating talents, attracting talents, borrowing talents, retaining talents, and serving talents" was implemented.


in implementing the talent project, the company is good at understanding people’s personality, motivating the employees, providing proper guidance, and unlocking the potential. the leadership team has “two attentions”.


one is to pay attention to the excavation and cultivation of young people.

through practice, the company has selected a group of young employees with high ideological quality, professional skills and strong management ability as leaders at all levels.


the second is to focus on investment in human resources.

this kind of investment includes not only salaries and benefits linked to performance, but also regular professional training of experts at home and abroad, which enables enterprises to form a learning organization atmosphere up and down. the team's knowledge update speed keeps ahead in the same industry, which becomes the source of product and technology innovation and also a magic weapon to maintain employee loyalty and stability.

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    • internship opportunities
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    candidates are invited to submit application through the website. they can also send their resumes directly to [email protected] and indicate the name of the position in the subject of the mail.

    the times have given the industry unprecedented opportunities, and we are becoming practitioners of industry concepts, setters of industry models and bearers of industry missions with faith and persistence.